Business Consultant

February 12, 2010

Consultants usually provide references from previous tasks. They referred, can the client companies with less than a successful outcome does not include. Inputs from these companies can prove invaluable in choosing the right consultant for your business.

If the consultant does not provide you with references, ask for them. If the work is done for those customers according to your needs, a reference that can provide valuable information about the consulting work, management ability, skills, attitudes and so on.

Ask for references if they are completely satisfied with the work and the desired outcome of the mission. If they are satisfied, find out why. If they are not satisfied, find out why. Check more than one or two references to obtain a balanced perspective of the consultant’s skills and abilities.

Check with clients who are not registered by the consultant. Taking the time and effort to locate and contact with their customers. They may have insights that are not provided by the customer is more satisfied with.

In Mavenlink allow companies and organizations in connection with qualified, dedicated consultants in each field and find the rightconsultant firm Work Smarter Not Harder unique composition process.

Personal account manager to work with customers to explain the requirements of consulting projects and ensuring that only the company’s consultants and / or persons with experience and skill levels will be considered relevant, provides the best option for success.


Upload Images and Photos Profile

January 6, 2010

Upload Images and Photos Profile
In order to post an article on the blog more interesting to see, then we should insert an image of the poting we are, in addition to further clarify what we deliver. Suppose we are explaining something, then with the picture will clarify the purpose of the topic we are to explain to the readers of our articles. For you-you are still confused how to insert pictures or official term is upload a picture, then I will review the steps:

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Aoyama Inspired by Kato

January 1, 2010

Tokyo – The late Daijiro Kato seems very idol by Hiroshi Aoyama. When start his carrier in MotoGP next year, Aoyama Kato will wear the number, though only partially.

Aoyama wore number 4 during the 250 cc world champion this year. As he stepped into the top class with Interwetten Honda next year, drivers 28 years it’ll wear the number 7. Read the rest of this entry »

Seagate Accused of Stealing HDD Tech

January 1, 2010

The New york Times reports that a former employee of Seagate Technology is accusing the company of stealing hard drive technology from Convolve, and incorporating the stolen tech into its own products. The court documents, recently filed with a federal court in Manhattan, detail the former employee’s “eyewitness account,” and even claims that Seagate intentionally destroyed evidence related to its 10-year lawsuit with Convolve.

The original lawsuit stems back to 2000, with Convolve and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suing Seagate and Compaq Computer. The former parties accused the latter of patent infringement in regards to technology that reduces noise and vibration of hard drives. Convolve and MIT sought $800 million in damages, however the legal battle still continues to this day. Read the rest of this entry »


December 30, 2009

Creating Personal Web-cost Rp. 0, – (Private Domain, Web Host, E-Mail Forwarding, Sub Domains, MySQL 5 Database, FTP, CPanel)


Steps one:

  1. Creating an e-mail
  2. Creating domain
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Net Cut

December 29, 2009

NetCut is a Software that helps you admin your network by purely on ARP protocol . List IP-MAC Table in secs, turn off & On network on any computer on your LAN including any device like router , switcher. Also, netcut can protected user from ARP SPOOF attack Read the rest of this entry »

AFP: Police Headquarters Capture 2 Marauder Rp 2,75 Miliar

December 29, 2009

The police arrest 2 gang members robbery money worth USD 2.75 billion. Perpetrators have been robbed of money belonging to PT Gunung Madu Plantations (GMP) in the new Lampung drawn from Bank Mandiri.

“The two perpetrators were arrested in different places. Perpetrator alleged six people,” said Deputy Police Headquarters Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Isaac Sulistyo AFP when contacted via phone, Tuesday (29/12/2009). Read the rest of this entry »