Now that I think a continuation of the blog after we have besides the these steps:

1. Create your blog or website which is up from
2. Posting on the date change I’ll impress the old
3. Purchase domain n hosting that already have PR
4. Submit  web / blog us,  to
5. Better to ask me on my blog, asked in his comments to …
6. Then you’ll enter a link to trade links so hehehehe ….

In the middle picture blog, alexa is a benchmark to determine the popularity of a web / blog search engine’s eyes. Or could also say that alexa is a web site can calculate how often the web / blog to visit. For example, is a website which occupies the number one ranked Titans. Why is that, because every day would be visited by thousands, millions, or could be bermiliyar visitor. And until now there has been no other site can compete with Google in terms of visits. 🙂

Here, now, and now, heuheuheeuueh .. new middleblog several weeks ago ranking positions ranging 1,500,000 Alhamdulillah now has dropped to 885,500. So how to lower our ranking position? Perhaps that is the question right now!!

Middleblog As explained above, alexa ranking is determined based on the visitors who come to the web / blog us, whether direct visitor (direct), visitor referral (from a bookmark, or directory) as well as original visitor (derived from the search engines). Well now we find visitors staying where we are going to improve. Depending on our own right?

Perhaps much for once about alexa ranking. About visitor and proceed over the next posting. Stay close and hold ya ..!!!!


4 Responses to

  1. BEBEN says:

    hehehe…berat yah blog aku
    jgn dipaksain ah

  2. ical says:

    kunjungnku bro, hehehe krna di ancam nih so berkunjung, wkwkwkwkwkw, gak koq bro becanda, uyuyuyu.
    ngomong soal alexa yach diatas, maklum english gue kurang, tpi dapat A loh mata kuliah englishku.
    rencananya, blogmu ini mo kau apakan nantinya???

  3. ical says:

    koq gak muncul koment aku, langsung didirect yah ke email kamu??????????

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