How to make paypal account

Many benefits that you can when you have a paypal account, especially for those of you who have income from writing reviews and also has a business online, the payment of your job will be done through paypal. For those of you who do not have a paypal account, then how to make paypal can be done through stages that are very easy. Paypal has its own function as an online bank or broker / dealer money. after you have money in paypal, so the money can be easily transferred to a local bank account in the respective countries. To verify your paypal account, in addition to using a credit card then you can also use the card VCC. Verifying paypal account can be done after you have a paypal account. to have an account at paypal, then you can follow the steps below:
1. please open your paypal site or click here go to Sign Up. A page will appear like this:

2. Please click the Sign Up button.

3. after that, you’ll be taken to a page to select the type of your paypal account.
Select your country, then select one of the 3 accounts that are available (for free). Then click start

4. Then the page will appear to fill the data in your paypal. Please fill your data in accordance intruksi image

5. last. On the page that appears, right-click the entry to my account

6. do you have completed the account creation stage.

7. Congratulations you have a paypal account.


22 Responses to How to make paypal account

  1. Very useful information, Yans.
    Thanks for sharing with us..

  2. lanjutkan perjuangan….
    keep spirit…
    keep blogging….

  3. mantep pengetahuannya sobat,

  4. Eri Subakti says:

    waduh bahasa inggris nie jadi tambah bingung mau komentnya….!!


  5. gudangblog says:

    good article… i like it

  6. mas doyok says:

    paypal lumayan menghasilkan mas 😀
    bisa buat beli laptop lah

  7. kahfilyzer says:

    maen paypal jg sob, sering bisnis online ya..?

  8. yulio says:

    ow begitu toh..pantesan nggak bisa-bisa sya pke paypal..ada yg salah hehehe..nice info..

  9. Ahmad says:

    Tenang Sob, Saya juga blogger newbie. Aku mampir niy. Mampir balik yo.

  10. ardiawan says:

    open paypal account is easy. Cheers!

  11. dfian says:

    jadi tertarik nih buat paypal..
    kapan2 buat deh..

    salam jabat kawan..

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