Chasing PC Hades NZXT Designed With High Quality For The Gamers

You need to chasing a good desktop computer and high quality? You do not have to bother with choosing, has now come chasing desktop computers are designed with high quality that can make your home computer voodoo anyone who saw it.

Associated with it, recently has introduced a device NZXT PC chasing the latest Hades targeted for PC enthusiasts and gamers. Chasing Hades is equipped with five fans to increase air flow.Chasing is expandable to up to nine disk drives measuring 5.25-inch or five-disk drive size 5.25-inch disk drives and four 3.5-inch size.

NZXT Hades has rooom for 300mm graphic card. Comes with water cooling holes on the backplate, so you can add a liquid cooling solution is easy. Regarding the market price, Chasing Hades was dibadrol for 89.99 USD or about 900 thousand rupiah.

Some of the features that are owned as follows:

Expansion of abundance: the nine-sized disk drives or 5.25-inch disk drives the size of five 5.25-inch disk drives and four 3.5-inch size. Latest Hardware support: VGA clearance for the 300mm like the ATI card 5970200mm double pipe big air system: the front fan 200mm, double upper fan 140mm, the side fan 200mm, the rear exhaust fan 120mm.

NZXT including chassis with all the fans except one upper fan 140mm Controlling the flow: Gaming, overclocking, or double-charged office work 8W per channel fan controller that allows control through a dual 200mm fan spinning up to dual 150 CFM each Monitoring your system: three temperature display C / F on the front panel that allows users to see the temperature in the case even with the door closed though.

A slope in the door allows for easy view from above. Side panel is pressed: In addition to aesthetics, the nets and extrusion which allows for greater ease of management and the wire on the right side panel The front of the hole: the hole disk drive 5:25, the door is hollow, and the bottom panel holes allow air to flow into the system easily. Wire routing: enables arrives hole CPU motherboards can be removed quickly and optimal routing wire.

NZXT Solid State SSD bracket allows two drives to be installed water cooling holes on the backplate 2 USB on front, Audio, and E-SATA port holes attached to the radiator at the top of double Removable filter in the bottom PSU.


24 Responses to Chasing PC Hades NZXT Designed With High Quality For The Gamers

  1. deawa says:

    wah is byutiful..

  2. HAXIMS says:

    WOW….. IT’S COOL….

  3. NanLimo says:

    mantab ndan…. lanjutkan….

  4. manteb bro ,,
    baeutifull hehe…

  5. ardiawan says:

    it’s must to tried with the gamers. Thanks for the info

  6. denadnan says:

    more beautiful and slim…

  7. btw, search widgetnya rame amat dipasang dua.

  8. Orc says:

    wah…keren sob, sayang mahal….

  9. kang marno says:

    mantap sob, tekhnologi makin canggih saja

  10. asep canda says:

    mantap sob infonya 😀

  11. still wish says:

    nice info friend thankyou for 4

  12. Kang Deni says:

    teknologi baru nih wah ada dipasaran Indonesia nggak ? harganya berapa yach

  13. kakve-santi says:

    gag kuat belinya. hehehe

  14. Im come back my dear frind,nice site…N thanks for ur great visit. Have a nice day. Glad to be here

  15. andriiyoy says:

    wah manteb nih, saya lebih suka merk iCute, wokawokawoka . . .

  16. ego says:

    bisa comeeeeeeent

  17. squidy says:

    harus punya casing seperti ini saya

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