Click Click Suvil IT ICute 2.0 Mouse Unique Artificial Spain

Click Click Suvil IT ICute 2.0 Mouse Unique Artificial Spain

How important the role of a mouse is difficult to replace. Even now on the laptop touchpad features already available, but still many people still depend for use in navigating the mouse in front of the computer activity. Bored with the optical mouse that was-that? Now companies from Spain, Suvil Technologies introduces optical mouse with a design so unique and adorable named by IT Click Click 2.0.

What’s interesting about this mouse is the way we use a different mouse that is when we used to use your index finger and middle finger, then this mouse requires us to use your thumb to click the left and the index finger to right click. Meanwhile, if you want to scroll in this unique mouse then you can do so by using the middle finger, part of it is on the right side of the mouse. This mouse seems very small indeed, and resolution 1200 CPI. Interested in having this beautiful mouse, this mouse with dibandrol price range of about 9.95 EUR or about 140 thousand rupiah.


18 Responses to Click Click Suvil IT ICute 2.0 Mouse Unique Artificial Spain

  1. very beatifull n i love you full

  2. Orc says:

    kayah jari telunjuk ya bentuknya…hehe
    jd pngen beli nih..

  3. wah banyak amat mousenya gan, koleksi gan!!!

  4. thanks infonya sobat……GoOd LuCk

  5. mantab Nda…. Lanjutkan Perjuangan…..
    blog ringan SE makin suka 😀

  6. Abu Inayat says:

    Mousnya unik gan. boleh minjam ga..? kalo ada he he he he..

  7. ondos says:

    di indonesia dah ada yg jual blm???

  8. didikweta says:

    wah sip nie bro…menarik +unik..jadi pingin coba akh…….tapi dimana ya? hyo siapa yang udah punya..tak pinjem bentar boleh thow?????? he he he..

    berkunjung ke sini ya

  9. mas doyok says:

    malah kayak pegang apa gitu

  10. aap1295 says:

    hehehe….keren mousenya! >:D
    tp ada yg jual ga di Indonesia??

  11. Orc says:

    bagus tuh mousenya…^^

  12. I can’t believe how much faster it is to load VMware fusion on this laptop. Also loading ubuntu was much faster compared to my latest version of Mac mini with same speed processor. Playing Guitar hero 3 on mac was a lot better. Video card definitely is a major upgrade.

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