Modify Results Enzo Ferrari

GERMANY – German modification House, Gemballa who had been working on the cars Porsche output, this time successfully reorganize Enzo Ferrari’s face.

Gemballa named MIG-U1, Ferrari Enzo, as quoted from Worldcarfans, the plan will be on display at the Dubai Motor Show, and offered in a very limited units.

All parts of the super sports car is a touch of modification. Starting from the front bumper, side skirt, rear bumper, new rear wing is unique, to exhaust design an entirely new tailpipesnya not just a new course.

Interior affairs, Gemballa memebrikan touch leather upholstery quality alloy number one black and red colors are elegant. Nmaun some still reflects bgaian with hadrinya sporty steering wheel, dashboard and shift knob carbon fiber material.

Unfortunately, no detailed specification of this car and Traffic. But the home side promised to memebeberkannya modifications as the car is also on display at the Dubai auto show.


3 Responses to Modify Results Enzo Ferrari

  1. kusanag1 says:

    mantap bos and keren

  2. kang marno says:

    katanya ini mobil yang paling mahal ya sob

  3. keren abis + muanteb brow…
    kalo bisa jangan uman atuh gambarnya boz…
    succes 4 U

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