Aoyama Inspired by Kato

Tokyo – The late Daijiro Kato seems very idol by Hiroshi Aoyama. When start his carrier in MotoGP next year, Aoyama Kato will wear the number, though only partially.

Aoyama wore number 4 during the 250 cc world champion this year. As he stepped into the top class with Interwetten Honda next year, drivers 28 years it’ll wear the number 7.

“My favorite number is 74 as of Daijiro Kato. This year in 250 cc, I wore number 4, in MotoGP next year I will wear the number 7,” Aoyama said to Crash.

Why is not the number 74? Aoyama can not wear number 74 because that number has been retired in MotoGP after crash that killed Kato of Japan GP Suzuka Circuit in 2003.

Kato is the 250 cc world champion in 2001. Kato was the last Japanese man who became champion in the class before Aoyama embrace the same title this year.

We went up to 500 cc class (and later MotoGP) Kato considered the most talented drivers in Japan. But Kato lost their lives after a tragic accident in front of the public itself.

Number 7 itself can be used Ayoama after not being used anymore Chris Vermeulen. Australian drivers are leaving the MotoGP and Superbike will compete in next year.


20 Responses to Aoyama Inspired by Kato

  1. akhatam says:

    Mantap Dah motornya…

  2. haxims says:

    Mantap Coy……

    Aoyama is The Best…..

  3. kahfilyzer says:

    jangan mpe ky idolanya aja sob 😀

  4. Elsa says:


  5. Miss Anna says:

    seandainya aq di boncengin,…..btw ini moto GP jepang yah ?

  6. ardiawan says:

    I hope Doni Tata will be like Aoyama

  7. wah membahas aoyama yach, penggantinya rossi tuch . maju terus aoyama

  8. miftah says:

    Aoyama is the best,,

  9. faisal says:

    nice info sob, n ditunggu artikel selanjutnya . . .

  10. Yang jelas motornya keren euy…..
    Lanjutkan sob…

  11. irfanrp says:

    mampir berkomentar ke blog yg keren

  12. muanteb motornya.keren abis…
    pengen punya motor kayak gituan..mimpi kali yee..
    succes 4 U.. tetap semangat berkarya

  13. Rizki says:

    Jadi pengen punya motor kayak gitu… cumi, cuma mimpi…

  14. Brenna Lake says:

    Thanks for the information that you provided here. Please keep posting. Thank you again.

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