Upload Images and Photos Profile

Upload Images and Photos Profile
In order to post an article on the blog more interesting to see, then we should insert an image of the poting we are, in addition to further clarify what we deliver. Suppose we are explaining something, then with the picture will clarify the purpose of the topic we are to explain to the readers of our articles. For you-you are still confused how to insert pictures or official term is upload a picture, then I will review the steps:

Login as usual with your id

Click Posts

Click New Post (if you have had previous post-an)
Click on the image toolbar like this

Put a tick / check the radio button on the Choose a layout option, if you want the position of the image can be placed anywhere, choose the None radio button, if the position of the image on the left select the left, if you want in the select Center, if you want on the right select Right.
Put a tick / check the image size, if you want to upload images in a small select Small result, if you want is select Medium, if you want a big select Large

Checklist tick next to Use this layout every time if you want any pictures uploaded as previously settingnya

Click the Browse button, then input images from your computer to upload.

Click Add another image if the image you want to upload more than one image

Click the UPLOAD IMAGE button, wait a while until the upload is complete

Click the Done button to end the upload process

After you complete the upload process, to see this picture, click the Compose button. Well here you can see the image you uploaded earlier and can set back the size of this picture, how the click on the picture to picture your mouse arrow turn into the four corners of the arrow. Point your mouse on the side lines of the picture until the picture became the mouse two-way arrow, press and hold the mouse button and move towards the left or right to change the width of the image, if the hard line with what you want out of your buttons stand earlier. To adjust the image vertically, point the mouse at the bottom or top edge of the image until the images turn into child mouse arrow in both directions, press the mouse button and hold then move the mouse up or down to adjust the picture height, release the mouse when the size of the image is in conformity with what you want .

So now how do I enter photos to fill our Profile?, Do the same as the steps above, just a little difference is you have to remove some code. If the image you’ve finished the upload (same steps as above). Suppress HTML Edit menu to see the HTML code of your photo before, copy / paste the HTML code into notepad (so much easier) or can also be written on paper. Then click publish. To insert pictures into our Profile, please follow these steps:

After uploading an image, click the menu Dasboard

Click menu Edit Profile

In the form – Registration form is written profile photo URL, well here paste the HTML code that you copied into the notepad but not all, of which the paste is the code after writing [src = “] the link at the beginning with [http : / /] and ends with [. jpg] or [. jpeg]

Click Save Profile, then your picture is beautiful and gorgeous already posted on this blog and can be seen by the whole world


Actually there is another way to fill our Profile picture, which is a way to upload (put) our photos on other hosting, and then link the image URL from which we can host in the copy / paste into an existing profile on blogger / blogspot. I take the example, I usually store my photos in http://photobucket.com. if you want to please register yourself (free ko), if already completed the list and be able to login, please upload your photo. After the upload image is finished, it will automatically photograph will be given PHOTO URL, copy the URL address of the link and then paste the image on the Blogger.com Profile Photo URL field after that lived SAVE CHANGES and republish. Done, good luck.


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  1. Bunglon says:

    wow…nice blog brow..it’s so cool
    friendship greetings

  2. yanfutaki says:

    we have smart choosing the right consultant with the conditions and we can solve our problems properly and neatly

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