Modify Results Enzo Ferrari

December 28, 2009

GERMANY – German modification House, Gemballa who had been working on the cars Porsche output, this time successfully reorganize Enzo Ferrari’s face.

Gemballa named MIG-U1, Ferrari Enzo, as quoted from Worldcarfans, the plan will be on display at the Dubai Motor Show, and offered in a very limited units.

All parts of the super sports car is a touch of modification. Starting from the front bumper, side skirt, rear bumper, new rear wing is unique, to exhaust design an entirely new tailpipesnya not just a new course.

Interior affairs, Gemballa memebrikan touch leather upholstery quality alloy number one black and red colors are elegant. Nmaun some still reflects bgaian with hadrinya sporty steering wheel, dashboard and shift knob carbon fiber material.

Unfortunately, no detailed specification of this car and Traffic. But the home side promised to memebeberkannya modifications as the car is also on display at the Dubai auto show.


Click Click Suvil IT ICute 2.0 Mouse Unique Artificial Spain

December 26, 2009

Click Click Suvil IT ICute 2.0 Mouse Unique Artificial Spain

How important the role of a mouse is difficult to replace. Even now on the laptop touchpad features already available, but still many people still depend for use in navigating the mouse in front of the computer activity. Bored with the optical mouse that was-that? Now companies from Spain, Suvil Technologies introduces optical mouse with a design so unique and adorable named by IT Click Click 2.0.

What’s interesting about this mouse is the way we use a different mouse that is when we used to use your index finger and middle finger, then this mouse requires us to use your thumb to click the left and the index finger to right click. Meanwhile, if you want to scroll in this unique mouse then you can do so by using the middle finger, part of it is on the right side of the mouse. This mouse seems very small indeed, and resolution 1200 CPI. Interested in having this beautiful mouse, this mouse with dibandrol price range of about 9.95 EUR or about 140 thousand rupiah.

Chasing PC Hades NZXT Designed With High Quality For The Gamers

December 25, 2009

You need to chasing a good desktop computer and high quality? You do not have to bother with choosing, has now come chasing desktop computers are designed with high quality that can make your home computer voodoo anyone who saw it.

Associated with it, recently has introduced a device NZXT PC chasing the latest Hades targeted for PC enthusiasts and gamers. Chasing Hades is equipped with five fans to increase air flow.Chasing is expandable to up to nine disk drives measuring 5.25-inch or five-disk drive size 5.25-inch disk drives and four 3.5-inch size.

NZXT Hades has rooom for 300mm graphic card. Comes with water cooling holes on the backplate, so you can add a liquid cooling solution is easy. Regarding the market price, Chasing Hades was dibadrol for 89.99 USD or about 900 thousand rupiah. Read the rest of this entry »

How to make paypal account

December 23, 2009

Many benefits that you can when you have a paypal account, especially for those of you who have income from writing reviews and also has a business online, the payment of your job will be done through paypal. For those of you who do not have a paypal account, then how to make paypal can be done through stages that are very easy. Paypal has its own function as an online bank or broker / dealer money. after you have money in paypal, so the money can be easily transferred to a local bank account in the respective countries. To verify your paypal account, in addition to using a credit card then you can also use the card VCC. Verifying paypal account can be done after you have a paypal account. to have an account at paypal, then you can follow the steps below: Read the rest of this entry »

December 23, 2009

Now that I think a continuation of the blog after we have besides the these steps:

1. Create your blog or website which is up from
2. Posting on the date change I’ll impress the old
3. Purchase domain n hosting that already have PR
4. Submit  web / blog us,  to
5. Better to ask me on my blog, asked in his comments to …
6. Then you’ll enter a link to trade links so hehehehe …. Read the rest of this entry »

Volkswagen CEO Winterkorn signals end to deal spree

December 21, 2009
FRANKFURT (Reuters) — Volkswagen AG is unlikely to make further strategic deals in the near future, CEO Martin Winterkorn said, suggesting an end to the company’s recent spree which included the taking of a stake in Suzuki Motor Corp.

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“There are some who knock on our door. Some really want to come under our roof as they see we’re on a good path strategically. But we are satisfied with the current line-up. I don’t see any need (for further M&A activity),” Winterkorn told German magazineWirtschaftsWoche in an interview. Read the rest of this entry »


December 20, 2009

You might expect a car with four motors and 3,319 lb-ft of torque to take a great deal of electronics and skill with the right foot to drive properly. If so, you got the electronics part right at least: Audi has created a virtual world for its e-tron electric car that will be featured in Playstation Home later this year.
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